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Malaysia is a country mostly composed of three different races: Malays, Chinese and Indians. Therefore, the food and drinks available is distinctly different for each of the cultures and can be found in most hawker centres and food courts around Malaysia, as well any restaurant serving Malaysian cuisine. Roadside stalls are also common for desserts such as cendol and tau fu fah.

Cheng Tng
A refreshing Chinese dessert which consists of a clear brown soup with lotus seeds, agar-agar strips, white fungus, dried longans, barley, gingko nuts and sliced water chestnuts. It has a subtle sweet taste and can be served both hot and cold.

Agar-agar (ah-ga ah-ga) means 'jelly' in the Malaysian language. This is different from the other jelly that is available in packets from the supermarket. Agar-agar is harder and does not melt in the heat. It is made from seaweed, which means Muslims are permitted to eat it. It is sold as a powder or as strips of washed and dried seaweed (usually in bundles tied with raffia string). Agar-agar is prepared by boiling the jelly in water until the solids dissolve and then adding colouring, fruit pieces and sugar. It is then poured into moulds, where it can set without refrigeration.

Tau Fu Fah
Tau fu fah is soyabean curd. It is served in either a clear, sweet syrup or a gula melaka syrup. The soyabean curd is very smooth and it slips right down your throat. This dessert can be found in vans that can be found in certain neighbourhoods which sell both soyabean milk and tau fu fah.

Bubur Cha-cha  
Bubur cha-cha (boo-boor cha-cha) is a hot or cold dessert which consists of sweet potato and yam cubes cooked in coconut milk and sago. The sweet potato and yam cubes are boiled until soft in water. Pandan leaves, sugar and salt are then added. When all the sugar has dissolved, the heat is turned off and the fresh coconut milk is added. The sago is boiled separately until the sago balls become translucent; then it is spooned into the mixture. This dessert is sweet as well as fragrant because of the coconut milk.

Ais Batu Campur
Ais Batu Campur (ah-es bah-to cham-pour; literally, 'mixed ice cubes') is known also as ABC and Ice Kacang (literally 'red bean ice'). It is made of a base of red beans, peanuts, grass jelly, cendol, agar-agar and sweetcorn, topped with a generous lot of shaved ice.
Rose syrup and evaporated milk are then drizzled over the heap of ice. Other ingredients such as banana, palm seed, fruit cocktail and different coloured jellies can be added too.

So, next time you visit Sarawak or Malaysia as a whole, make sure you order and taste one of the many varieties of our sweet, fully flavored local desserts either in your Hotel room, restaurant or roadside stall.

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